Disney Have Ditched The Next Film From Tron: Legacy's Director

Unveiled at last year's Comic-Con, Oblivion is a still-to-be published, illustrated novel cooked up from a premise by Joseph Kosinski, the sometime commercials whizz kid who directed Tron: Legacy.Disney entered into a deal to adapt the book to a feature and set William Monahan, writer of The Departed about the task Then, as recently as[...]

Kosinski's Oblivion To Be Written By The Departed's Monahan

At the tail end of Comic-Con, we got a really, really wide look at Joseph Kosinski's Oblivion, popularly described as being like Wall-E without the cute robots and with more action Starting life as an illustrated novel, it's on its way now to become Kosinski's next picture at Disney after Tron Legacy.Deadline today revealed the[...]