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Hit Girl Rides In This Kick-Ass 2 Picture Round-Up

I was worried Aaron Taylor-Johnson wouldn't want the frizz this time around.And finally, a couple more images of Mother Russia, just to compound what an incredible physique Olga Kurkulina has I wouldn't like to bump into her in a dark alley Or, for that matter, a sunny suburban street crawling with film crew.This last one was tweeted by director[...]

Mother Russia, In Costume, Filming Kick-Ass 2?

This is purportedly a set snap of Olga Kurkulina filming Kick-Ass 2 in her full Mother Russia costume It's not the same as outfit she wears in the comic, but she does at least seem to be wearing an eye patch.We're going to give CBM a link for running this image, though they're not saying[...]

Kick-Ass 2's Mother Russia Casting Confirmed

There's been "a rumour" doing the rounds that Olga Kurkulina has been cast in the coveted role of Mother Russia, key villainess of Kick-Ass 2 Well, it's more than a rumour.Patrick and I spent ten minutes sifting through all available data and traced the story back to some quotes from Kurkulina herself Here's the key[...]