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Scott Koblish On The Future Of O.M.A.C. (Now With Added Dan DiDio)
Glad to hear things are going so well. And of course if OMAC is doing well, that means all the books are doing well Which is good news all round! UPDATE: Dan DiDio adds; To the incredibly talented Scott Koblish, Thanks for the for the appreciated but unnecessary defense of OMAC This book and all of[...]
Will OMAC/Frankenstein Be The First Crossover Of DC Comics New 52?
Looking at the preview art there are however a myriad of cameos of characters in other people's books. Such as Ray Palmer, appearing in Frankenstein, according to Dan DiDio at Fan Expo Canada moderating the Jeff Lemire spotlight panel, which Jeff almost didn't make it to, after being stuck in traffic. But the pair also took the[...]
DC Relaunch: OMAC #1
Some titles will be binned, some will be relaunched with a new look, quite literally even, and there will be new books too. I'm told that one of them may well be OMAC #1, with some involvement by big OMAC fan, Scott Kolins. This is a bit if a punt, I admit, based on some reported circulating[...]