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So How Did Amazing Spider-Man #700 Leak Anyway?
It was ended early after Marvel Comics intervened. It was listed by the owner of Comic Crusaders, an online comic book store based in Long Island, New York. He read his copy on the 13th of December before putting it on eBay for $50 the next day He also offered to take a photo of a scene[...]
Tron Enhanced Digital Comic Treats Readers Like Simpletons
Disney has launched a very swish HTML5 enhanced comic book format for its new Tron: Legacy online comic, launching today It's meant to only work on Internet Explorer 9, but it seems fine on Google Chrome (and dead on Firefox), and the comic is viewed in a continual sideways scrolling fashion As you "grab" one[...]
Rob Liefeld's Zombie Jesus Debuts
This is not a hoax. This is not a gag. This is not an imaginary story. The comic book currently being worked on by Rob Liefeld is called Zombie Jesus.