Frank Cho Sets Sights On The Elderly For Latest Outrageous Sketch Cover

As reported about extensively on Bleeding Cool (and by extensively we mean at least twice per week as firmly stated in our charter), Frank Cho loves to rile people up with his hilarious and edgy "Outrage" sketch covers, usually featuring a female superhero with an exaggerated figure wearing skimpy clothing while Spider-Gwen yells "outrage" in the background. […]

Why No Hail Hydra Outrage Over Garry Shandling?

Recently there was an incredible outpouring of concern over a plot twist in Captain America: Steve Rogers that saw the character revealed as a sleeper spy for Hydra all along. And the involvement Hydra, which has been used as a Nazi, Communist and ISIS analogy over the decades – though with stronger Nazi roots in […]

Talking To Frank Cho, Man Of Outrage, About Attracting Women

BC: It's official. After 14 years at Marvel, you're no longer an exclusive Marvel creator? CHO: Yes. My exclusive Marvel contract expired after I turned in my final page for Totally Awesome Hulk #4. It has been a great experience playing with Marvel toys over the years. I'm forever grateful to all my editors, writers, […]

When Frank Cho Took Outrage To South Carolina

Oh She-Hulk! You're always pulling on other people's pants. It's like you have no depth perception when all gamma'ed up or something. The most recent Frank Cho sketch cover, as seen at South Carolina Comic Con.

Frank Cho's C2E2 Outrage With Batman, A Turtle And Spider-Gwen

As picked up by Bleeding Coo writer Pastor Juarez at C2E2 today from Frank Cho, a Batman/TMNT sketch cover by Frank Cho featuring Batman, a Turtle and his Spide-Gwen character, Outrage… Frank is Asian American everyone. So that makes it okay… They're all the rage…  

Frank Cho's Latest Full Frontal Outrage (SPOILERS)

From the pages of today's Totally Awesome Hulk by Greg Pak and Frank Cho… I do wonder how much the original artwork without the lettering will go for? You know, Hulk, doing that with your legs doesn't actually hide anything… Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London. Who will be hosting a signing by Burton C […]

And Finally… Frank Cho In Argentina

Frank Cho has been in Buenos Aires for the Argentina Comic Con. Whereupon he visited Buenos Aires art museum where he saw two paintings by two of his favourite artists, William Bouguereau and Velazquez. Looks like Velazquez is a fan of Cho as well…