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Deadpool's Co-Creator Gets A Kickstarter – No, The Other One
But finally Outrage, the comic from Deadpool co-creator Fabian Nicieza and Fabian's collaborator on Cable & Deadpool, Reilly Brown, is coming to Kickstarter… we presume that it will be a smoother path for Fabian Nicieza than the other Deadpool co-creator Rob Liefeld, who after eight years is still receiving complaints that people didn't get books, didn't get the[...]
Frank Cho Style Outrage Goes Mainstream With "Bad Little Children's Books" Controversy
The superstar artist has spent the last several years locked in a bitter battle with a group of comic book fans over his "outrage" variant covers, which show popular female superheroes in varying states of sexualization while Spider-Gwen, whose creator didn't take kindly to one of the very first outrage covers, shouts "outrage" in the background[...]
Frank Cho Sets Sights On The Elderly For Latest Outrageous Sketch Cover
As reported about extensively on Bleeding Cool (and by extensively we mean at least twice per week as firmly stated in our charter), Frank Cho loves to rile people up with his hilarious and edgy "Outrage" sketch covers, usually featuring a female superhero with an exaggerated figure wearing skimpy clothing while Spider-Gwen yells "outrage" in the background[...]
Why No Hail Hydra Outrage Over Garry Shandling?
It wasn't a font of outrage but of mockery. I knew it! #HailHydra pic.twitter.com/gfP2YxlEf5 — Jaime Liam Ocelot (@Jaime_Liam) April 7, 2014 The best one im seen yet LOL #HailHydra pic.twitter.com/QHTu7xqqlf — Denton Tyjuan Parris (@TF3100) April 6, 2014 @clarkgregg @BettyMWhite @MingNa #HailHydra pic.twitter.com/HX7hNdMPEY — Laura Brady (she/her) 💗💜💙 (@lauraebrady) April 7, 2014 Good morning and #HailHydra pic.twitter.com/xZxqULcPrs — Tommy (@notwedge) April 7,[...]
Talking To Frank Cho, Man Of Outrage, About Attracting Women
I'm still surprised and amused at the outrage over nothing. I've been a professional writer-artist for 19 years and I've never had any major problem until 2 years ago when some comic "journalist" decided to single me out and tried to scapegoat me into censorship over a drawing of a pretty woman requested by a fan. BC:[...]
Frank Cho's C2E2 Outrage With Batman, A Turtle And Spider-Gwen
As picked up by Bleeding Coo writer Pastor Juarez at C2E2 today from Frank Cho, a Batman/TMNT sketch cover by Frank Cho featuring Batman, a Turtle and his Spide-Gwen character, Outrage… Frank is Asian American everyone So that makes it okay… They're all the rage…   As picked up by Bleeding Coo writer Pastor Juarez at C2E2 today[...]
And Finally… Frank Cho Brings Back The Outrage For 2016 With Thor
You know, I can't tell a lie, we've missed him. But Frank Cho is back to his "outrage" sketch covers, and has put this one straight on eBay… I note a certain Spider-Gwen has been switched for a raven…   You know, I can't tell a lie, we've missed him. But Frank Cho is back to his "outrage" sketch[...]
And Finally… Frank Cho In Argentina
Frank Cho has been in Buenos Aires for the Argentina Comic Con. Whereupon he visited Buenos Aires art museum where he saw two paintings by two of his