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Huge Banner For Pacific Rim – Ready To Swallow Your Entire Local Cinema

You'll have to click through to see this Pacific Rim banner at full scale and even then there will be a lot of scrolling involved. According to Warner Bros., some huge reproductions of this design will be appearing in multiplexes I don't think you'll be able to miss it.Bonus: here's a Japanese promo for the film,[...]

COYOTE TANGO: Techno-Tyrant Leaves Path Of Destruction On New Pacific Rim Poster

A new character poster for Pacific Rim, this one featuring a Jaeger called Coyote Tango  Anticipation starting to run very high for this...A new character poster for Pacific Rim, this one featuring a Jaeger called Coyote Tango  Anticipation starting to run very high for this...A new character poster for Pacific Rim, this one[...]

Pacific Rim Concept Art – What Am I Actually Looking At Here?

One of these two newly revealed Pacific Rim concept drawings is pretty plain, but the other?Is this the skeleton of a kaiju, surrounded by scaffolds, carved with a religious icon? Am I seeing things?Thanks to Total Film for these pics. One of these two newly revealed Pacific Rim concept drawings is pretty plain, but[...]

Rian Johnson Tweet-Reviews Pacific Rim In Just 125 Characters

Guillermo Del Toro's Pacific Rim is still some months away from its US release date of July 11th, one day further from its bow in the UK on the 12th, but progress is apparently good.Rian Johnson, the director of Brick and Looper, has seen an unfinished version of the film and reviewed it, perhaps more[...]

New Pacific Rim Trailer

There are no real revelations in this new trailer for Pacific Rim but it's a new trailer for Pacific Rim Napoleon wouldn't like it, but the rest of us? I think so.This was premiered at Qualcomm's event during CES last night Del Toro was there.[youtube][/youtube][...]

Pacific Rim Trailer Opens A Portal Between Dimensions – Wednesday Trending Topics

Let's go fishin': Don’t expect any other film in 2013 to be on a bigger scale to Pacific Rim Here’s the first trailer, at long last I’ve been waiting hungrily to see this since some footage unspooled at Comic-Con. Most-Read Comic Book Stories Today - Batman #15: The Mask Is Slipping.. The Death Of The Family (Spoilers) Today, we[...]

Pacific Rim's Huge Hero Mech – Meet Gipsy Danger

Just over an hour to go until we drop the Pacific Rim trailer here at Bleeding Cool To pass the time, here's Gipsy Danger, the film's protagonist Sort of.Or maybe protagonists Gipsy Danger has two pilots linked through a neural bridge More will become clear when the trailer arrives.Thanks to Hero Complex for the pic.[...]

Guillermo Del Toro And Travis Beacham Already Hired To Write Pacific Rim Sequel

Assuming that Pacific Rim is likely to be a smash hit, which is a fair assumption, and wanting to keep plates spinning with Guillermo Del Toro, which is every bit as sensible, Legendary pictures have commissioned a screenplay for a Rim sequel already.The Hollywood Reporter have it that Del Toro will co-write this follow up[...]

Today's Pacific Rim Blueprints Are Striker Eureka And Coyote Tango

The Pacific Rim promotional onslaught keeps coming, like transdimensional sharkfaced monsters hellbent on eating us all.Coyote Tango is really, really, really big in Japan Striker Eureka is big down under.We're still waiting for the Chinese and German bots to show, I think.Thanks to Eiga for Coyote Tango and Las Horas Perdidas for Striker Eureka.[...]

More Pacific Rim – This Time, The Russian Jaeger Cherno Alpha

The Pacific Rim mission to save us from the interdimensional Kaiju is going to be an international affair.Here's the "leaked J-Tech blueprint" for Cherno Alpha, a Russian Jaeger Click through to see it at full scale.Compare that to the Gipsy Danger design from earlier.And as a bonus, here's another document, this time courtesy of Allocine.When[...]

Video: One Of Pacific Rim's Giant Monsters Attacks

Kaiju attack at sea, scramble the jets and all that.Here's your third Pacific Rim promo of the day - and it's the best yet Warner Bros promotioneers are really doing Guillermo Del Toro proud.Some of that footage - the jet nipping around the monster, for example - was in the Comic-Con montage It wasn't cut[...]

Pacific Rim Robot Unveiled – Meet Gipsy Danger, The Giant Monster-Fighting Jaeger

It's Pacific Rim day and I didn't even know it until now.The latest promotional item to crop up online (thanks to Wired) is this blueprint for Gipsy Danger, one of the giant Jaegers,* the massive fighting robots used to battle the interdimensional Kaiju menace.Click through to see this thing at an enormous scale.Note the little[...]

Pacific Rim Promo Video And Memo – Life During Giant Monster Wartime

Mechs movie, Pacific Rim, here's a little 'viral' video fun.The following memo and clip were premiered by Total Film.Trespasser event? I guess that's how they're referring to the first Kaiju to come through the portal and start stepping on our cities Big slimy bastard.There's a countdown on the Pacific Rim promo website, suggesting that we're[...]

Del Toro Explains The 3D U-Turn On Pacific Rim And It's Good News

Brendon Connelly shoe-horns in a few more maths-y ideas from his sick bed.A little while ago, we told you that Guillermo Del Toro was being 'strong-armed' by Warner Brothers to convert Pacific Rim to 3D.It seemed then as if the conversion was totally against his wishes, but he has now come out and shed some[...]