First Shots Of Monuments Men – George Clooney's World War II-Set Adventure Caper

Production on George Clooney's The Monuments Men has been underway for weeks and it seems like the paparazzi have only just caught up with them. These images, from a story at The Daily Mail, show Clooney directing the film, and Matt Damon amongst the various actors in character and costume. Though it's derived from a non-fiction […]

Thor 2 Battle Sequence Snaps – Sif, Smoke, Mystery Monsters And All

Here we go again. Much as we tried to guess who Loki's army were in The Avengers, here in these Thor 2 images we have some more mysterious… things to speculate about. There's even a close-up of one such 'thing' in this set of snaps, though from the rather approximate mask, I assume he's a […]

First Look At Michael Douglas As Liberace And Matt Damon As His Boyfriend

Production is underway on Steven Soderbergh's honest-it's-my-last-movie-guv, Behind the Candelabra. It's an adaptation of Scott Thorson's book about his years living with Liberace. Michael Douglas is playing Liberace, and Matt Damon is playing Thorson, and a pair of nice wigs are playing their hairdos. Thanks to E for that image. The story of this relationship […]

First Images Of Jonny Lee Miller And Lucy Liu As Holmes And Watson

Filming on Elementary, the Holmes-in-New York pilot that will star Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock and Lucy Liu as Dr. Joan Watson, is underway now. The production has been on location around the city in the last couple of days, giving paparazzi their chance to capture Miller and Liu in costume. I give it ten […]

See Catwoman's Other Costume From The Dark Knight Rises

Set pictures from The Dark Knight Rises have revealed that Catwoman will indeed have another look, and the officially released image of Anne Hathaway in costume doesn't tell the whole story. Be warned: the following images, and perhaps discussion, could be called spoilers. This is just what some of you have been waiting for. Whereas […]

Non Bane-Based Images From The Set Of The Dark Knight Rises

Our last story focused on the Bane shots taken today on the Pittsburgh set of The Dark Knight Rises. This time, some non-Bane imagery. I still think Gary Oldman is the best thing in this film series. I hope to see a lot of him in Rises. Marion Cotillard is always welcome too. These guys, […]

On Set Snaps Of Bane – See His Mask, His Coat, His… Script Page

You can see non-Bane images from the shooting elsewhere on site, but here are some pap snaps of Tom Hardy in his Bane get-up, playing the big, burly bad guy from next year's The Dark Knight Rises. What's that coat about? I can't wait to find out what genius context justifies it. Especially the plot, […]

First Look At Andy Serkis In His New Gollum Costume

Here's our first look at Andy Serkis in his new Gollum suit, pap-snapped coming out of his trailer on the set of The Hobbit. Not quite the same as the last one, is it? And no, I mean that. That one was more like this: Thanks to The One Ring for their espionage.

Gina Carano Gives Ewan McGregor A Whupping In Haywire Action Snaps

The paps on the Zimbio payroll have done some good work in firing off a total of 79 shots of Ewan McGregor and Gina Carano going at it on a beach. The big fight in question was being staged as a stunt sequence for Stephen Soderbergh's upcoming Haywire, a spy thriller in which mixed martial […]