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Has Paranormal Activity's Oren Peli Just Outed Catfish As A Fake?

A great many people don't believe, however, that the film is in fact a documentary, but instead a fake.Most of them agree it would be at least a clever fake.I can tell you that I was always suspicious, though never could make up my mind conclusively - could they really be so bold? Perhaps I'm[...]

Paranormal Activity 3 Gets Its Writers

Since then, his output has erred towards the more commercial with Blood and Chocolate, Disturbia, and a co-writing gig on Paranormal Activity 2 I'll have two reasons to mention him this morning.. once in reference to his more commercial work, once in reference to something more independent and out-there.We'll start in the mainstream Bloody Disgusting[...]

Seven Mysterious Seconds: The Latest Paranormal Activity 2 Clip Is A Bombshell

Ever wondered how Paranormal Activity 2 would tie in with the first installment? Well, this clip should make you wonder double, ponder in stereo.You might consider this clip a spoiler, or you could think that it raises more questions than it answers All the same, I expect it comes from very early in the film. [...]

Paranormal Activity Rushes Special

Tonight's the night that the Paranormal Activity 2 viral marketing will really be kicking it up a gear From midnight*, surfers around the world will be able to interact with the Paranormal Surveillance website, allowing it to use their webcam to scan their house as "part of a global experiment".I dare say there's a trick[...]