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Exploring More Pixel Pals With The Joker & Harley Quinn
Last time we talked about the Pixel Pals from PDP, we got a copy of Ryu and Chun-Li from Street Fighter to review Since then, a few things have changed First, PDP just got a TON of new IPs to add to their collection, which they showed off at E3 this year and we'll start seeing[...]
A Remote Control I Desperately Needed: We Review PDP's PS4 Media Remote
Working with a regular remote control most of my existence made me want a proper remote. Thankfully the people at PDP have the ability to license awesome gear with Sony, which led to them creating the PS4 Media Remote This remote control is about 1/4 inch slimmer than a standard iPhone or Android phone and barely[...]
Lighting Up Your Geeky Home: We Review The 'Street Fighter' Pixel Pals
So, of course, I was stoked when PDP sent me these two Pixel Pals in the mail for review, both of them being Ryu and Chun-Li from Street Fighter! First off, let's get to the obvious: These are essentially night light statues that you put up on your shelf or desk or wherever you'd like[...]
Short Switch Trips With Protection In The Premium Console Case
The last of the items we received for review from PDP is the Premium Console Case for the Nintendo Switch A lot of people would argue that you can just throw your Switch into your backpack and go without needing one, but for people who can't shill out another $300 after breaking their system, these[...]
Finding A Weird Comfort As We Review The Joy-Con Gel Guards
One of the products we got sent from PDP were these Joy-Con Gel Guards, which we're going to test out on our system and see how well they do. Your basic set is one set of guards for the left and right joy-cons, as well as two thumbstick caps for either side The outside feels soft[...]
A Way To Make The Nintendo Switch Portable With The PDP Elite Player Backpack
Luckily, Nintendo is not stingy when it comes to licensing out third-party gear, which is how we ended up getting our hands on an Elite Player Backpack from PDP. Now if you're going to properly review a backpack there's only one thing you can do: throw stuff inside it and take it wherever you're going to go![...]