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Sean Phillips Draws More Of BBC's Adaptation Of Gaiman And Pratchett's Good Omens
Neil Gaiman introducing Good Omens… Jim Norton as Death… Peter Serafinowicz and Mark Heap as Crowley and Azirophale, Charlotte Richie as Anathema Device, Colin Morgan as Newton Pulsifer, Harry Lloyd as Pollution, And Paterson Joseph as Famine. We ran a batch of lovely images before But here are the final three episodes of BBC Radio 4's Good Omens playing over Christmas[...]
How Peter Serafinowicz Made Me Fall In Love With The Beautiful Game
Peter Serafinowicz is ramping up to being a national treasure This could be his the moment that puts him over the edge. He played Simon Pegg's professional flatmate in Shaun Of The Dead, and love rival in Spaced He was the voice of Darth Maul in the Star Wars prequels He wrote and starred in Look[...]
Guardians Of The Galaxy Presents… The A-Holes
Taken from Peter Serafinowicz' line in Guardians Of The Galaxy trailer , "what a bunch of A-holes" which has caused some controversy… I rather liked it when I saw the footage at San Diego Comic Con But not everyone feels the same way. But now it has been given the logo treatment by TinyMaster, AKA_ and[...]
Peter Serafinowicz To Make Directorial Debut With I See What You Did There
Here's word that Peter Serafinowicz – comedian, actor, music video director and the voice of Darth Maul – will be making his feature film debut as director with a picture entitled I See What You Did There. The film has been "described as The King Of Comedy meets Misery: The King Of Misery" and has a script co-written by[...]
Kapow 2012: Jock To Collaborate On New Comic, Nelson, With Peter Serafinowicz
Announced at Kapow 2012, Jock, artist on Batman and Dredd, and co-creator of The Losers, Jock, will be working on a new comic called Nelson with British comedian, writer and voiceover Peter Serafinowicz. UPDATE: It originally began as a HBO/FX pitch inspired by Peter Serafinowicz' experience walking around dressed as a helmetless Darth Vader Set in[...]
Wednesday Runaround – When The FBI Tried To Get Joe Simon's Artwork Back
FedWatch: When the FBI went after stolen Joe Simon artwork. Towards the end even Joe Simon clearly had enough cause to believe that his own daughter might have been the culprit as he admitted as much to the F.B.I, but this might have been an admission of a man who wasn't up to facing yet another[...]