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Sean Penn Making An Action Movie With The Director Of Taken

It's based on the novel by Jean-Patrick Manchette, as adapted by Dredd director Peter Travis I've seen the novel compared to Bourne movies - as opposed to books - and also to the films of Jean-Pierre Melville.Man, I'd have loved to see Melville make a Bourne movie That would have been something.Gunman will be a[...]

Finally – First Glimpse Of Dredd In Motion

Here's our first chance to see the new Judge Dredd movie in motion. It's a long way from a trailer but, technically, it is a clip. You might consider it to be a spoiler. You might also find it very amusing. Or possibly appalling. It's hiding below the spoiler tag. Scroll at your own risk. […]

New Dredd Image Puts The Judge In The Kapow Crew

According to this scan from Total Film magazine, Judge Dredd is a member of the Kapow crew. Does that mean some footage from the film will screen at the con this May? Eh. Not necessarily. But it would be nice. Still, a trailer – and before then – would be nicer still. We're about eight […]

Even More Judge Dredd Images

Empire Magazine have been all over Dredd since they claimed at last year's Movie-Con to have an exclusive on Karl Urban being cast in the film. Weeks after we reported it. An honest mistake, I'm sure, and you can't fault them for being excited. I mean: Judge Dredd! JUDGE DREDD! Etc. Now. Don't judge us […]