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Pin Trading With The Next Generation Of Disney Fans At D23
I told him I don't really collect pins, but the older gentleman across the table from me did, and for the next 30 minutes or so I talked to this young man, his dad, and this older gentleman about pins, collectors culture, and various other things. Pins have become a big deal for companies like Marvel[...]
Pin-Trading Craziness Is Abut To Take Over Orlando At Star Wars Celebration
Pins One of the smallest collectibles on the market, but unique and a badge of honor to collectors Star Wars and pin trading goes all the way back to the 70's, some of the first Star Wars collectibles were pins My personal favorite is the old "Darth Vadar Lives" mess-up pin: This year at Celebration, taking[...]
There's Native Gold In Those WonderCon 2017 Hills
We didn't actually start making pins till 2016 At first, it was t-shirt focused, all clothing based around 90s retro and pop-culture stuff I slowly gravitated towards all pop-culture influenced stuff." "From the clothing company, I wanted to go more in the direction of everything Clothing has a limited life cycle, so I felt like I[...]
Oni Press Announce New Merchandise Line, Starting With Enamel Pins, At ComicsPRO
Oni Press has announced a new line of merchandise at ComicsPRO, starting with a five wave of collectible enamel pins, available in comic shops in the summer $10 each, retailers can order individually or in a pre-packaged assortment with a display And they are: Oni Press logo Sadie and Amira from Katie O'Neill's Princess Princess Ever After A themed[...]