Major Comic Pirate Site, Hank Scorpio, Closes Down

Hank Scorpio was one of the major comic book piracy sites in the industry It didn't host any files, but it linked to a series of download sites such as Hotfile,  SendSpace and the like.Named after the Simpsons character, hat set it apart from others of its ilk was that Hank Scorpio was incredibly user[...]

The Top Ten Most Pirated TV Shows Of 2012 – UPDATED

An indication, perhaps, that TV piracy happens across borders quite a lot and seeing that Revolution has yet to make any impact outside of the US, it maybe doesn't have a fanbase eating up torrents just yet.The charts were compiled by TorrentFreak from BitTorrent statistics If you are one of the thieves who just steals films and TV,[...]

Another Comic Book Pirate Writes

Bleeding Cool does not condone comic book piracy I do find the thought processes behind those that facilitate it fascinating, however We ran a piece last week, interviewing the semi-retired pirate Archangel As a result, a current operating pirate, going by the name CCA_Scanner, wrote the following;. I happened to be hanging out with some folks[...]

This Is What Happened Because The Americans Didn't Get Thor First

Fear of piracy is understandable.But, of course, while these measures may have made some difference, they didn't make enough of one The horse has already bolted, albeit a horse that speaks Russian.A couple of Little Bleeders have pointed out that a camcordered version of the film with Russian audio is whipping up a storm on[...]

On Batman, Spider-Man, The Mr. Men, The MPAA And A Piracy Manifesto

Men film The MPAA's decision to sue file hosting website Hotfile A movie piracy manifestoAll of that in under 20 minutes We were going for 10 to 15, but that Mortimer has a mouth on him.Please do subscribe with your podcatching software (iTunes or the like) by selecting "Add Podcast" and entering the appropriate link This will[...]