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Predator 2 Shaman Predator, A NECA Toy Fair BC Exclusive Reveal
BC is happy to exclusively reveal one of NECA's Toy Fair reveals, the Shaman Predator from Predator 2 That's right y'all, The Lost Tribe of Predators is still going And for my money, this is one of the coolest and most unique figures in the line to date Check out the reveal below. #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1[...]
Mezco Toyz Reveals Predator 2: Deluxe City Hunter MDS Figure
Coming out of Predator 2, the City Hunter is back once again and is loaded with a huge assortment of accessories The Yanjta stands 6" tall, has a nice set of articulation, is loaded with screen accurate detail, and will come with a variety of swappable hands The hands will be able to the accessories,[...]
Predator 2 Scout Predator Available Now From NECA
Another Predator is on the hunt as NECA unveils their newest Predator 2 Ultimate 7-inch figure with the Scout Predator NECA is here to celebrate the anniversary of Predator 2 with the return of each member of the Lost Tribe but in new ultimate form We saw the Lost Tribe at the end of the[...]
NECA SDCC Reveals Number Two: Predator 2 City Demon Predator
This year, they will help celebrate the 30th anniversary of Predator 2 with a special release of the City Demon This version of the figure features a casting in clear plastic and a really cool lightning effects paint deco right out of the film This is an Ultimate edition figure as well, so it will[...]
NECA Releasing Two New Predator 2 Figures: Stalker And Guardian
NECA has revealed two new Predator figures, both from Predator 2 First is the Stalker, from near the end of the film The second is a Guardian, also from the end of the film Both are getting their first Ultimate versions, which means they come with a ton of swap out hands, masked and unmasked[...]
Predator Enters the Concrete Jungle in New Infinity Studio Statue
This time is with Infinity Studio and their newest Predator 2 statue of our hunter on the hunt in the concrete jungle they are dropping two special edition statue that will be limited to only 500 pieces each! The Elite version showcases an unmasked hunter with a spear in hand The statue and display base[...]
Elder Predator Enters the Hunting Grounds with New Hiya Toys Figure
The Elder Predator is originally seen on the ship at the end of Predator 2 That scene alone opened the door to a whole new Predator mythos and expanded the knowledge about these hunters We get to see a huge number of new and unique Predator hunters that we didn't even know existed Hiya Toys has[...]