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american horror
We also know that "Part One" is officially named "Red Tide" and that "Part Two" is officially named "Death Valley"- and it's looking more and more that the two have a bit more of a shared backstory than some may have suspected. Image: FX Networks For a preview of a collision of terror like "AHS" viewers have[...]
american horror
Though we would be all-in on a mermaid/alien battle- the visuals alone would be amazing: Image: FX Networks In the same week that it was confirmed its first episode would be titled "Cape Fear", FX offered a preview of what AHS fans can expect from American Horror Story: Double Feature In an overview trailer for the new[...]
Mysterious Benedict Society: Comic-Con Panel & Episode 7 Sneak Peek
And just for good measure, they offered a preview of this week's penultimate episode. Source: YouTube A lot of fun and impressed emotions were displayed when it came to discussing the talents of Marta Timofeeva, who plays Constance Contraire (10:30 time marker in panel video down below) The investment in their characters became evident as they spoke[...]
Auto Draft
Following up on the release of the official second season trailer for Paramount+'s animated hit Star Trek: Lower Decks, how does a set of preview images from the first two episodes of Season 2 sound? Because that's exactly what's awaits after you're done reading this rambling- a look at Episode 201 "Strange Energies" and Episode[...]
Magic: The Gathering JumpStart: Historic Horizons "In The Machine"
Hello and welcome, players, collectors, and all manner of fans of Wizards of the Coast's premier trading card game, Magic: The Gathering! Today, we are happy to showcase an exclusive preview from Magic's next digital-only expansion for Magic Arena, JumpStart: Historic Horizons! This full-pack preview is of the "In The Machine" pack, half a Sealed deck worth of[...]