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As U.S. Election Looms, Clinton Surrogate Nick Spencer Steps Up Crucial Twitter Game

A lot has been said about the Hillary Clinton campaign's ground game and how it may affect voter turnout in the U.S. presidential election on November 8. But perhaps more vital than that legendary ground game is the campaign's social media presence, led by the unlikely figure of comic book writer Nick Spencer. Since Clinton first announced […]

Will Nick Spencer Give Us The Black Avengers After All?

You'd have thought Nick Spencer might have had enough of Captain America controversy for one year. Not a bit of it. And I don't mean him starting a #GiveCaptainAmericaElsaAsAGirlfriend hashtag. In 2003, Christopher Priest wrote the short-lived superhero team book, The Crew. He wrote about its origin as something thematically similar to Three Kings and […]

Captain America Writer Nick Spencer Gets Death Threats On Social Media

So who got death threats yesterday? Oh that's right, Nick Spencer, for writing a Captain America comic book that they didn't like (though with art from Jesus Saiz, how could they not??) https://twitter.com/nickspencer/status/735466503303233536 It's at this point that I'd like to reiterate that Captain America is a fictional character. Marvel Comics is invested in Captain America. […]

Nick Spencer And Steve Lieber's The Fix #1 Goes To Third Printing

It's a good day for Nick Spencer and Steve Lieber as their Image comic book title The Fix has sold out of its first and second printings, while its second issue, published this week, has also sold out and gone to a second printing. A critical and commercial hit, this looks like it might keep […]

Jonathan Hickman, Nick Spencer And Stefano Caselli's… Global Avengers?

Could these be… Global Avengers? An Avengers Globe? Even more Secret Avengers? The return of a comic called SHIELD? Again, another teaser for an All New Marvel Now #1 launch to be revealed at New York Comic Con, from the Avengers team of Jonathan Hickman, Nick Spencer and Stefano Caselli…

A Comic Show – A Very Superior Nick Spencer

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhaV7IpM5es[/youtube] Aaron Haaland of A Comic Shop in Orlando, Florida, writes; Hey Fandom! It's me, Aaron, for A Comic Show's New Comics Now! This week Deadpool kills, Charles Soule thrills, Larfleeze steals, and Speed Demon's mentally ill (poor little puppy). Starting with DC, Green Lantern #22 continues the battle with Larfleeze. Hal isn't the great […]

Talking To Nick Spencer About Bedlam, The Aurora Shootings And SHIELD

Photo by Sindha Agha. Dylan Sutcliff writes; To get an interview with Nick Spencer I first had to abandon any semblance of self-worth- okay maybe it wasn't that bad. It was in a chatroom, a tinychat to be specific. I was bursting with questions and theories after reading Morning Glories #26 and took to the […]