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Radio 4′s Book Programming To Shun Comics?
BBC Radio 4 have a number of book review programmes, which takes a relatively highbrow approach to modern literature. Last year Radio 4's Saturday Review ran a thorough roundtable piece on Bryan Talbot's Grandville, so publishers got in touch with another show, wondering if they might like to look at the sequel. And[...]
The Closest Thing To Hellblazer Gets A Second Season
Pilgrim is a modern day magical fantasy horror series by Sebastian Baczkiewicz, broadcast by BBC Radio 4 And it gloriously and unashamedly rips off John Constantine, by way of Fables Seriously, Vertigo should just give this guy a series and be done with it. Anyway, four episodes are running, once a week, on Tuesdays at 12.15pm[...]
It's… Torchwood Monday, Folks!
Tonight BBC1 shows the first of the new five-part Torchwood TV series, Children of Earth,  a new episode at 9pm each day this week. Directed by Euros Lyn,