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Heatran Raid Hour: Coordinating Remote Raids
Heatran Raid Hour is happening again tonight in Pokémon GO from 6PM to 7PM local time Many of the gyms in the game will pop Tier Five Legendary raids during this hour, where trainers can gather and take on this Fire/Steel-type Pokémon, using Ground-type moves to exploit its double weakness[...]
Heatran Raid Hour is Tonight: Finding People to Raid With in Pokémon GO
Heatran Raid Hour is tonight from 6PM to 7PM local time in Pokémon GO The Fire/Steel-type Legendary Pokémon will take over most gyms during this time for an hour of Tier Five raids. Pokémon GO trainers are going to want to get out and play, because Shiny Heatran will be available through these raids[...]
Rayquaza Raid Hour Tonight: Get a Shiny Before It Leaves Pokémon Go
Tonight at 6PM local time is the one and only Rayquaza Raid Hour of 2020 in Pokémon GO This Legendary Pokémon, the best Dragon-type attacker in the game, was introduced into Tier Five raids for the first part of Ultra Unlock, Dragon Week. With Deoxys scheduled to take its place on Friday morning, now is the[...]