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X-Men Blue #20
Silva Inker: Adriano Di Benedetto Colorist: Rain Beredo Letterer: Joe Caramagna Damage: $3.99 We pick up the Cross Time Capers story from the previous issue, which was basically a whole lot of X-pository dialogue ending in the reveal that Charles Xavier II and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants from Earth-13729 were masquerading as the original five X-Men back in their original time while the original[...]
X-Men: Bland Design – X-pository Dialogue Abounds in X-Men Blue #19
Silva Inker: Adriano Di Benedetto Colorist: Rain Beredo Letterer: Joe Caramanga Damage: $3.99 We join the Cross Time Capers storyline in progress, as the time-displaced young X-Men have been traveling through time to different X-eras, finding that the timeline had been corrupted by something that happened in the past In a previous series, our heroes had learned that their removal[...]
The Long Road Of CruZader: Agent Of The Vatican
"There is a ton of strain and tension in Antonio's relationship with the Pope, and he keeps a very explosive secret from the Pontiff, which adds to the intrigue and payoff of this origin story arc." The 144-page, full-color, hardcover graphic novel for mature readers will retail for $19.99 with a cover by Master Of Kung-Fu[...]