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Big Big Skyfall Rumour Might Reveal New Direction For The Series

Potential spoiler alert. Sound the potential sirens. It's not the first time I've heard this particular Skyfall rumour, and it slots in nicely with some other info we've got about the film, but it's still far from confirmed. Proceed with some caution, anyway. Right. Still here, cautious readers? According to Best For Film, the Skyfall […]

Netflix Bait Their Weinstein Hook With The Artist

The Weinsteins have announced a deal with Netflix which ties up many of their foreign language and documentary films exclusively, and for "multiple years." Interestingly, they're baiting the hook with The Artist. Not only is this not a foreign language film nor a documentary, it's also the front runner at Sunday's Oscars, expected to pretty […]

Friday Film Review – Coriolanus, Haywire And Chronicle

This week's two most interesting releases are Coriolanus, reworking Shakespeare as a modern war film, and Haywire, which contains some of the best action you will ever see. Ever. Also on the slate is Chronicle, which is coming on the 1st of February in the UK and the 3rd in the US. I'm sure I'll […]

Supposed Skyfall Spoiler Might Reveal Reality Of Ralph Fiennes' Role

Just yesterday, I was telling you how secretive the James Bond producers were being about the full nature of Ralph Fiennes' role in Skyfall. Let's modify that, then, and say now that they might be being considerably less secretive when speaking anonymously. Fiennes has said that he's playing "a government agent" in the film, but […]

James Bond Skyfall Mini-Rushes

As we head into 2012, the year that the James Bond film series reaches its 50th anniversary and 23rd (official) release, a new website has been launched to drip-feed publicity materal. You can find it at 007.com (really, where else) but all there is at the moment, pretty much, is an official behind the scenes […]

Win! Tickets To A Special Early Screening Of Coriolanus

Opening on January 20th next year, Coriolanus marks the directorial debut of Ralph Fiennes, who also stars in the title role. Read on to see how you can win tickets to a special early screening of the film at London's Curzon Mayfair on January 5th, attended by Fiennes and co-star Vanessa Redgrave. First, though, let's […]

Who Should Be The Movie Doctor Who? Bleeding Cool Puts Its Heads Together…

A whole bunch of us had a go at this. Some of us took little more than two minutes to file their thoughts, while others took days– see if you can guess who was who. Here, then, are Bleeding Cool's nominations for who should play The Doctor in the deny-it-all-you-want-but-it's-coming Doctor Who movie. Michael Moran: […]

James Bond Mini-Rushes – His Co-Stars, His Ancestry, His Big Castle Climax

The somewhat overdue Bond 23, which now seems more likely to be saddled with the awkward title of Skyfall, rather than the comparably awkward title of Carte Blanche, is gearing up to start production in just a few short weeks. According to Baz Bamigboye we can count on Berenice Marlohe as a member of the […]

New James Bond Movie Seems To Have Its Name And Story

What you can hear ringing in the background are the alarm bells of my cynicism, but let's play Benefit of the Doubt for a moment. Jelena Mihailovic is a Serbian cellist and, apparently, she performed in front of Sam Mendes and some James Bond "producers" at Cannes. So "staggered" were they by what she was […]

James Bond Gets His New Moneypenny, A Villain And… Some Other Bloke

The mystery of who Naomie Harris will (most probably) be playing in Sam Mendes' upcoming Bond 23 has been solved, and it seems she will be taking up the role of Miss Jane Moneypenny. Bond fans* will know that Moneypenny is the secretary to M and an officer in the Navy and, in previous films […]

Look! See Harry Vs. Voldemort In The Deathly Hallows Part 2

I'm glad it's not my job to paint out Lord Voldemort's nose all of the time. Bo-ring. This "first look" image is actually about the third or fourth image to appear from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Unlike the others, however, this one has actually been sent out by the Warner Bros. elves so […]