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[#TheWalkingDead Rewind s08e12] A Look Back at 'The Key'
Last week's twelfth episode of AMC's The Walking Dead was an excellent return-to-form for the series, so check out our "rewind review" of Season 8, Episode 12 'The Key' and see for yourselves why we hope this episode is a harbinger of good things to come this season.
Walking Dead Rewind: A Look Back at Mid-Season 8 Premiere 'Honor'
Welcome to the Walking Dead Rewind, where you get a chance to get caught up on Bleeding Cool's weekly revaps (reviews/recaps) of the previous week's episode ahead of a new episode tonight. We've wiped away the tears and said our goodbyes to Carl (Chandler Riggs), who shuffled off this mortal coil at the end of an[...]