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And Finally – Rob Granito Records Song, Inspires Another Song And A New Lawsuit
A few days ago, Rob Granito launched a YouTube channel with a song of his, entitled Don't Judge Him He's now made the song private-viewers only after the massively negative response it had from internet commentators, then closed his account. Thankfully the song got saved and uploaded elsewhere, thanks to the efforts of one Ken Oakley[...]
Rob Granito Relaunch: 14 New Comic Titles With Josh Hoopes
Rob Granito is creating a new line of comic books under the name Bad Boy Comics with his… creative partner Josh Hoopes But not quite yet His wife Alison tells me "rather than self-publish a comic outright, Rob and his partner are going to make some prints showcasing the many characters and storylines they are[...]
Another Round Of Questions With Rob Granito
Two weeks ago, I ran a question and answer session with the entity known as Rob Granito It wasn't that satisfactory, I didn't have the opportunity to follow up on questions and I felt that Rob was basically avoiding the issues being presented He wasn't exactly presented in the most positive of lights. Two weeks later[...]
Colleen Doran Vs Alison Granito
Because Colleen Doran wrote about Rob Granito a week ago with the title "Everything that comes out of Rob Granito's mouth smells of ass and cheese doodles" which looked at Rob Granito's claims with, shall we say, a cynical eye, and comments by Sara Teague on Granito's claims over the years; He didn't imply he'd worked[...]
Thursday Trending Topics: You Haven't Seen The Last Of Rob Granito
The only thing better than Rich Johnston interviewing Rob Granito would have to be Rich Johnston interviewing Rob Granito on youtube Perhaps some other time  It's funny, I've seen long threads in at least 3 major forums over the past couple years questioning the identity of one of the characters in the image on the[...]
Bleeding Cool Asks Rob Granito Ten Questions. And He Answers.
After a lot of back and forth, talking with Rob's wife and manager Alison, Rob Granito agreed to answer a few questions to Bleeding Cool I didn't get any follow ups, and the answers were dictated by Alison I also didn't pay anything for the privilege. I last spoke to Rob Granito online a couple of[...]
How Josh Hoopes Is Trying To Scam Rob Granito
But no one deserves this. Talking to Alison Granito, wife of Rob Granito, the scam has been uncovered. I already told you that Josh Hoopes had been talking to Rob Granito, helping him, sympathising with him, joining with him as painting me as their mutual nemesis And I wondered what his angle was Now I know. Josh has[...]
Rob Granito Story Gets The Most Bizarre Twist Possible
And that's in a comic book. So anyway, over the last month, on and off, I've been negotiating with Rob Granito's wife and manager Alison Granito over the possibility of doing an interview with Rob She'd put $200 out there as a figure, I thought I might be able to raise that much, but Rob[...]
A Song For Rob Granito
Bleeding Cool is proud to present Fake It Better, Granito by Tom Smith, a parody of R. B. Greaves' Take A Letter, Maria, in aid of our favourite swipe
The Professional Swipe Artists Of Comics
Ever since Bleeding Cool ran the first Rob Granito article, there's been something in the air. Rob Granito famously posed as a comic book and animation professional with plenty of credits to his name, none of which stood up when you looked into them He wasn't an animator on Batman cartoons under Bruce Timm He wasn't[...]
Thursday Trending Topics: The Dark Knight Returns, Once Again
And there's always Rob Granito  Here's what people looked at here today: Most-Read Comic Stories Today: Who On Earth Is Rob Granito? (UPDATE) A familiar face at recent comics conventions, Rob Granito recently appeared at Wizard World Toronto Here is his appearance bio, listing credits including Batman, Teen Titans and working on an upcoming Batman arc[...]