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Robert De Niro's Taxi Driver Picks Up Rorschach In Before Watchmen
The comparison between Robert De Niro's Taxi Driver character Travis Bickle and Watchmen's Rorschach has been made a number of times. Many of Rorschach's other views are similar to Bickle's: the idea that there is a politician who can clean "all of this" up (Bickle's Palantine equals Rorschach's President Truman), the idea that they can clean[...]
Red Lights – The Bleeding Cool Review
Caveat in place, here's the pitch: Robert De Niro bending spoons. With his mind, obviously Otherwise it might not be (as) entertaining. I won't say that there's never been a film like Red Lights before, since the concept of a team of sceptics investigating supposedly paranormal phenomenon is probably one of the oldest go-to horror plots in the[...]
David O. Russell Drops Hints At A Leading Lady For Uncharted Movie
Robert De Niro's name has also been thrown around in an unspecified role,* but it appears Russell has also been giving some thought on the female love interest. In a recent interview with Empire, he dropped a couple of names After the interviewer mentions Amy Adams, Russell had this to say: Oh I would love that too,[...]
Elizabeth Olsen Joins Robert De Niro And Sigourney Weaver in Red Lights
While publicising that movie, she revealed to Hollywood Reporter where she will be turning next. The New York University student will next play Cillian Murphy's love interest in Red Lights, a role that will see her appear alongside Robert De Niro and Sigourney Weaver The thriller tells of the investigation into world-renowned psychic (De Niro) by[...]
The Secret History Of Dustin Hoffman And Robert De Niro
"Black pepper from our novelty cruet set, Mr Hoffman sir?" On the set of the new movie Little Fockers, Robert De Niro let slip a secret that he'd been holding onto for a while he'd never said a thing through the making of Meet The Fockers, but it was finally time. According to a poster on Popbitch[...]