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Mondo Release Of The Week: Freddy's Greatest Hits!
Basically, it is like the Criterion Collection of movie soundtracks. This week is one of their coolest releases yet: Freddy's Greatest Hits! Strange Disc Records presents FREDDY'S GREATEST HITS performed by The Elm Street Group and featuring Robert Englund as Freddy Krueger. Originally released in 1987 at the height of the 'Freddy' craze (Freddy already had three movies under his[...]
Freddy Gets Rebooted… Again
The iconic horror character Freddy Krueger, played for years by Robert Englund, didn't do so well five years ago, so the studio is going to try it again And they've turned to writer David Leslie Johnson (Orphan) to pen the script. The Nightmare franchise is basically what put New Line on the map as a distributor,[...]