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Newest Trailer For House Of Cards Season 2
We've seen some of this footage already, but here is more of our favorite political family, the Underwoods, now officially in the White House, in the newest trailer for Netflix's Emmy-winning House of Cards. [youtube][/youtube] How great is that bit where Robin Wright wants to make some guy suffer and Kevin Spacey just falls a little bit[...]
London Film Festival Report – Reviews Of Labor Day And The Congress
Some thoughts on Jason Reitman's follow-up to his remarkable Young Adult and Ari Folman's live-action/animation hybrid, which sees Robin Wright play multiple fictionalised versions of herself. [Brendon's abuse of editorial license: For what it's worth, I liked Labor Day rather more than Craig did, but anything involving pies is just how he describes it below.] Labor Day Jason Reitman[...]
Robin Wright Shares Her Thoughts On The State Of Cinema At A Q&A For The Congress
Recalling a few similar points that Steven Soderbergh made in his State of Cinema address, Robin Wright shared some thoughts about the state of modern Hollywood during a Q&A at the London Film Festival last night. She began by talking about how she came to be involved in making The Congress before moving into some more[...]
Music Videos, Clips And New Images For Ari Folman's The Congress
Mixing live action and animation, reality and fiction, The Congress features Robin Wright playing a version of herself that is then digitized to create a virtual actress. The film played at Cannes as part of the Director's Fortnight but I was sadly too far back in the queue to get in I did hear from a[...]
David Fincher Threatens To Quit Netflix House Of Cards Series Over Budget
The show is being produced by Kevin Spacey, who is also going to star alongside The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo actress Robin Wright, and Fincher is currently billed as executive producer. Netflix, as investors, are keeping their hands clean of the entire dispute, and according to the story over at The Hollywood Reporter have directed[...]