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First Official Themyscira Image From Wonder Woman Debuts

Featuring star Gal Gadot in a Themysciran setting, Entertainment Weekly debuted the first official photo of the island setting from next year's Wonder Woman. The photo also features Connie Nielsen as Diana's mother, Queen Hippolyta and Robin Wright and Force Majeure's Lisa Loven Kongslias as General Antiope and her lieutenant, Menalippe. According to previous reports, […]

House Of Cards Season 4 Review: Vampires In The White House

House of Cards lost a bit of momentum last season. I actually quite liked Season 3, with a lot of posturing, character progression and a bigger focus on international relations, but, it was certainly slower, and didn't move the story perhaps as far as it should've. It has a great ending where Claire said she […]

The Underwoods Face Off In House Of Cards Season 4 Trailer

The Underwoods are finally at odds as season four of House of Cards begins. And as this trailer released by Netflix shows, the couple's marital problems are anything but private. [youtube][/youtube] House of Cards returns to Netflix on March 4th.

Connie Nielsen To Play Mother To Wonder Woman

According to The Hollywood Reporter, actress Connie Nielsen will play Queen Hippolyta in 2017's Wonder Woman. The role had been the focus of some speculation as many assumed the part would be played by Nicole Kidman when she was circling a part in the film. Following her decision to pass on the film, reports indicated […]

Robin Wright To Replace Nicole Kidman In Wonder Woman?

Nicole Kidman has walked away from negotiations to appear in Wonder Woman. According to Variety's Justin Kroll (via Comic Book Movie), scheduling conflicts prevented her from joining Patty Jenkins' film about the Amazon warrior's arrival in the world of men. At the time word first broke out that she might join the film, many concluded […]

Newest Trailer For House Of Cards Season 2

Thirteen new episodes will be released on February 14th, so now is the time to break up with your significant other in order to get out of those pesky Valentine’s Day plans.

David Fincher Threatens To Quit Netflix House Of Cards Series Over Budget

If there's one thing that Hollywood investors should learn, it's that you shouldn't get anywhere near a David Fincher project unless you're willing to be very flexible with your budget. Flexible in an upward direction, of course. Netflix are learning that lesson right now. They committed a staggering $100 million to a 26 episode adaptation […]