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Comics Artist John Upchurch Arrested On Charges Of Battery, Misdemeanor
Roc Upchurch is the artist and co-creator of the comic book Rat Queens, a popular title with a strong female fan base, and an animated TV option from Weta and Heavy Metal. Recently, under his legal name John Carlton Upchurch, he was arrested by Henry County PD under the charge of "Battery- Family Violence, First Offense Misdemeanor"[...]
Starting A Sketchbook And Getting Sketches By Jim Cheung, Roc Upchurch, Karl Kerschl, Robbi Rodriguez, Erik Larsen, Kris Anka, Sara Picelli, And Franco At New York Comic Con
Brian Goldberg writes from New York Comic Con for Bleeding Cool: I recently started a sketch book.  My previous collection of sketches were loose and all over the place.  If you're a sketch collector of art done by professional comic artists, New York Comic Con is a great place to add to your collection.  Artist Alley[...]
Rat Queens #8 Takes Us Out Of The Action
Now, I'm not saying I don't enjoy a good dose of "let's see which woman can grow the best beard," because I do and Roc Upchurch illustrates them well It's just, I'd much prefer for those scenes to feature more of the Rat Queens I don't mind getting to know these characters and their back-stories,[...]
Darkness Is Brewing In Rat Queens #7
Roc Upchurch accompanies the storyline with a dark, rainy backdrop and a gloomy feel All of the characters seem to have a distressed look about them, which adds a sense of impending doom. [*Spoilers for Rat Queens #6 and #7 below!] When we left of in Issue #6, Hannah had just encountered a very creepy-eyed Bernadette I[...]
Catching Up On Rat Queens #6 – A Family For Better Or For Worse
Roc Upchurch's illustrations continued to make me feel like I was transported to a different era where humans and fantastical creatures could come together on the page at any moment. We start off with the aftermath of a raging party in Rat Queens Issue #6 Wiebe gives us a realistic look into what the Queens might[...]
The Rat Queens Volume One: A Perfect Combination Of Sass And Sorcery
She has a bright playful spirit, but knows how to get down and dirty with a sword. Roc Upchurch's art in Rat Queens has a dark earthy feel to it, which is very appropriate for the setting His character design is done in a realistic style that brings the cast to life in a human way[...]
Comics & Cosplay Interviews Rat Queens Creators Kurtis J. Wiebe And Roc Upchurch – Plus Burlesque Event Photogallery
The special guest of the evening were the Rat Queen Creators Kurtis J Wiebe and Roc Upchurch After The show they were kind and tipsy enough to sit down and discuss their inspiration for the book, upcoming events, and tentacles! And here's a lovely photogallery of the event as well: #gallery-1 { margin: auto; } #gallery-1 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align:[...]
Essential 8 Things About Emerald City Comicon: Day One
Wiebe and Roc Upchurch. After all of the great folks I talked to and the great stuff I saw though, today's MVP  was Cafe Yumm!, a delicious and nutritious restaurant a few blocks away from the convention center While you can get hot dogs and pizza and $5 bananas inside the convention center, Cafe Yumm! has[...]
The Nerdy Show Goes RPG Questing With Kurtis Wiebe And Roc Upchurch Of The Rat Queens
[audio:] Special Bleeding Cool guest The Nerdy Show rolls forward through RPG month with this special podcast featuring the RPG enthusiasm of comic creators of the Image Comics series Rat Queens: Kurtis Wiebe and Roc Upchurch. They say: RPG Month continues! Roleplaying is both a game and an exercise in creativity.  Those of us who roll the dice know,[...]
Live From The Comic Shop: Sex Criminals, Tom Strong, The Wake, Rat Queens, Super!
Wiebe and Roc Upchurch drops you firmly into the realm of strange fantasy, politics, and of course semi-medieval violence A female team in a city of rival gangs, amusing dialogue bordering on abusive banter, and a light touch on exposition are all attractive qualities that suggest this is a series that's going to find a[...]