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Critics and Audience Clash on Rotten Tomatoes Over Star Wars: The Last Jedi
Star Wars: The Last Jedi is beloved by critics, with a 93% Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes But the audience score tells a different story Despite the critical acclaim and a strong opening at Thursday Previews, audiences apparently just aren't enjoying Star Wars: The Last Jedi The movie has just a 56% Audience Score, and[...]
Rotten Tomatoes justice league
Robert Cargill, who wrote the script for Marvel Studios' Doctor Strange, is doing his best to deny any hostilities between the rival superhero universes while simultaneously annihilating Rotten Tomatoes, which is partially owned by DC parent company Warner Bros., for hiding the poor score and bad reviews for DC's Justice League up until the last[...]
Justice League Rotten Tomatoes
But for fans who, much to the chagrin of alleged sexual harasser Brett Ratner, rely on the Rotten Tomatoes score of a movie to determine whether or not to see it, they're going to have to wait until Thursday at 12:01 a.m to see the score, as Rotten Tomatoes (a company partially owned by Warner Bros.)[...]
DC All-Access Looks At This Week In DC TV
Host Tiffany Smith talks with Rotten Tomatoes' EIC Matt Atchity about the series and who will be their first Bad Apple of the Week. [youtube][/youtube] DC All-Access has released a video focusing on the DC slate of TV shows for the week: Gotham, The Flash, Arrow and Constantine and includes exclusive clips from Gotham and Constantine[...]
Guardians Of The Galaxy At 100% Fresh On Rotten Tomatoes
As the reviews come in, Rotten Tomatoes collects the reviews and gives a freshness rating With the world premier of Guardians of the Galaxy having taken place, reviews are coming in and as of right now there are 19 files (3 from their "top critics") and the movie has a 100% Freshness rating Meaning that[...]