Big Big Skyfall Rumour Might Reveal New Direction For The Series

Potential spoiler alert. Sound the potential sirens. It's not the first time I've heard this particular Skyfall rumour, and it slots in nicely with some other info we've got about the film, but it's still far from confirmed. Proceed with some caution, anyway. Right. Still here, cautious readers? According to Best For Film, the Skyfall […]

Rumoured Plot Details For Iron Man 3 – Do We Believe Them?

It's only a rumour, and very possibly an entirely spurious one, but while the internet is discussing it I see no reason why Bleeding Cool should not join in. According to Latino Review, the plot for Iron Man 3 is to feature nanobots of some kind. This technology, they say, will "make villains" and also […]

Rumoured Fight Scene From The Avengers Sounds A Lot Like Charlie's Angels

Thanks to a few Little Bleeders, I've been pointed towards a forum post that purports to reveal details of a specific action scene in The Avengers. Reading the description, I found that another sequence in another film came straight to mind. I'll put both the Avengers rumour (complete with typos) and a clip of the […]

Will Firestorm Ongoing Be Announced At New York Comic Con?

The Firestorm fansite FirestormFan posted a rumour from comics fan Brandon Leonard reporting that at Toronto Fan Expo, a writer said that he'd turned down a Firestorm ongoing series, but that another writer had accepted the gig. The website had redacted the name of the declining writer to protect him. This is certainly how such […]