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Curse Words Has Magic Start
Cover by Ryan Browne The brand new Image series from Charles Soule and Ryan Browne, Curse Words presents us with Wizord the Wizard and his talking koala bear sidekick Margaret in modern New York. This first issue hits the ground running, and running fast without stumbling once The humour is fun, the action is enjoyable, the dialogue[...]
Ryan Browne's God Hates Astronauts Goes Ongoing With Image Comics
Ryan Browne's webcomic God Hates Astronauts, has already seen print publication from Image Comics in hardcover form, via Kickstarter. But as of August, the print comic will be going monthly, ongoing. Multiversity have the solicitat, A NASA funded group of arrogant "super people" must stop a rash of farmers that have been using rocket-powered silos to launch themselves[...]