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Full Trailer For The Live Action Lupin III Movie

This looks like a riot.[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8KP5gZmNk8s[/youtube]Translating this kind of elastic, super-stylish manga or anime into live action takes a certain sensibility, but I think Ryuhei Kitamura has the right taste I hope he also brings the craftsmanship too.There are no obvious English-language release plans as yet but we'll at least be able to import a Blu-ray[...]

Ryuhei Kitamura Directing New Live-Action Lupin III Movie, Cast Revealed‏

There was a press conference today to officially announce the director and cast of a new Lupin III movie, another caper for the leading gentleman thief in all of manga.This is far from the first adaptation of the Monkey Punch strip, with a TV anime just this year, a popular one from Hayao Miyazaki in[...]

Easy A's Bert V. Royal Adapting 2LDK

The legend goes that producer Shinya Kawai was drinking with Tsutsumi and Ryuhei Kitamura and challenged them each to make a film depciting a duel, each set in only a single location over no more than a week of diegetic time and with just two lead roles, and that he would then judge who had[...]

Joe Dante, Vincenzo Natali And More Team Up For Paris I'll Kill You

The title is meant as a twisted-up reflection of the romantic compendium movie Paris Je T'aime, and the core idea here is the same: well known directors tackling short films, linked by their being set in Paris.But where Je T'aime was all fluttering hearts, the idea with I'll Kill You is a little more "exploding[...]