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Pop Culture Hounding Sam Humphries
[audio:] by Chris Thompson Hot on the heels of last week's interview with rising star Joshua Williamson (which you can find here), I chat with another burgeoning talent in the form of Sam Humphries (Our Love Is Real, Uncanny X-Force, Avengers: A.I.) whose self-published series Sacrifice is collected by Dark Horse Comics this week. We talk about how[...]
Making A Scheduling Sacrifice
Bleeding Cool did a lot of posting about Sam Humphries and Dalton Rose's micro-distributed series Sacrifice But then it seemed to disappear, just as Humphries started to get headhunted by the bigger publishers. Now it's back And monthly And they're putting out the first new issue to coincide with Humphries' new Uncanny X-Force comic Isn't that[...]
Dark Horse To Publish Sam Humphries' Sacrifice
The self published, micro-distributed comic Sacrifice by Sam Humphries and Dalton Rose has suffered a number of delays of late.  But if we're not too sure when the next issue will be coming out, at least we know who will be putting out the collection. And, with Sam Humphries putting Our Love Is Real out through[...]
Finding Gossamyr To Micro-Distribute Retailer Variant Covers
And that, for the estimated 2000 Diamond accounts, maybe 200 of those may represent the vast majority of those comics' sales. Recently, books like Sacrifice, Our Love Is Real and Scam have specialised in micro-distribution, high profile, high concept, very professional looking books that have circumnavigated Diamond and distributed directly to select stores Although the books[...]
The New Print Comics Distribution Model Makes New Strides
Our Love Is Real and Sacrifice from Sam Humphries, Red Ten and Scam from ComixTribe, with strong salesmanship, promotion and developing a fanbase. ComicTribe has now doubled the amount of stores in the US and Canada carrying their books, from twenty-five to fifty Now that's out of around two thousand stores, but it's concentrating on the[...]
Sacrifice Reaches Issue Three…
Sacrifice #3 continues Sam Humphries' one man attempt to show that Diamond Comic Distribution is unneccesary with his self-distribution model… the next issue is out in select stores on February 15th. With Dalton Rose still on art, naturally there are plenty of covers The FIRST PRINTING cover by Dalton Rose, limited to 1,100 copies, THE JADE[...]
Cliff Chiang Draws Cover To Sacrifice #2
Anyway, Humphries has got Chiang to do a cover for his six issue self-distributed series, Sacrifice His cover for the Jade edition of issue 2 shows the Aztec "royal rebel" and is limiued to 100 copies, available at these comic book stores at a 1:20 ratio. Sacrifice issue 2 goes on sale on Wednesday, January 11th,[...]
Sacrifice #1 Hits $21 On eBay, Goes To Second Print
Bleeding Cool told you about the new Sam Humphries self-distributed comic, Sacrifice, a couple of weeks ago, drawn by Dalton Rose It went on sale in select comic shops this week, sold out rapidly… and is now selling for up to $21 on eBay The book is available digitally, but the rapid sellout has persuaed[...]
Fear Itself #4 And The Demon In A Bottle (SPOILERS)
What it is, we'll find out in writer Matt Fraction's Invincible Iron Man series. But in order to gain an audience, he has to make a sacrifice And he sacrifices his teetotallism, drinking from a wine bottle labelled Demon Dans Une Bouteille. You know, after drinking three pints of Bulmers last night, I thought I saw a[...]