Scott Poythress

Time Travel Delights In Synchronicity — A Review

Though only in a handful of scenes, his presence looms large and he commands the moments in which he actually appears.Beale is also aided by two lab assistants, played by AJ Bowen and Scott Poythress Both seem to have a handle on the situation with Poythress's Matty having a preternatural understanding of Beale's predicament[...]

Synchronicity Director And Cast Talk Time Travel And Michael Ironside

“I just wouldn’t want to live there.”“It’s good for the opening credits of True Detective,” added actor Scott Poythress, who plays out-of-sorts lab assistant Matty.“It’s what Philip K Dick calls ‘the central dislocation,’ Gentry continued “For this movie, it’s this analog retrofuture so we can get to these characters and these emotions.”Adding the emotions is[...]