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Someone Finally Conquered All the Sea Of Thieves Achievements
It took around 2,000 hours to make it happen, but finally, someone has conquered all of Sea of Thieves achievements in the game The news comes from True Achievements, who discovered a player named Zyx was the first to make it happen this past week over an eight-month period. credit//Rare Zyx becomes the very first player on[...]
Sea of Thieves: The Arena Official Announce Trailer
Sea Of Thieves will be turning up the heat in the waters in 2019, as Rare debuted a new trailer for their upcoming competitive mode, The Arena The trailer was shown at XO18 and then shortly released online, it doesn't show a lot from the in-game action, but what you do see is pretty insane[...]
Rare Gives a Glimpse Into the Next Sea of Thieves Expansion
As the Forsaken Shores event is coming to a close in Sea Of Thieves, Rare's development team has decided to give players a look into the near future Aside from the upcoming event "Festival of the Damned", we get some details from the executive producer about the next expansion called "Shrouded Spoils" Enjoy the video![...]
Sea Of Thieves Introduces Cargo Runs for Merchant Alliance Fans
The folks have Sea Of Thieves have introduced a new element to the game with Cargo Runs for those who love working for the Merchant Alliance Well, let's be honest, no one "loves" working for them, but you need to do stuff with them to level up that portion of your legendary status We have some[...]
Sea of Thieves Officially Adds the Forsaken Shores Update
Rare has officially released the Forsaken Shores update for Sea Of Thieves and it looks every bit of hellish as the name suggests it to be This time around you'll be dealing with many more hazards such as earthquakes, volcanoes, undead that just don't seem to be killed, and a lot more treasure to try and[...]
Sea of Thieves Cursed Sails red
This morning Rare announced that they would be unleashing the next free content update to Sea of Thieves later this month The "Cursed Sails" update will be coming to PC and Xbox One on July 31st, and according to the developers, this is going to change the game in a radical new way so that old[...]
Rare Confirms 3 Major Content Updates Coming to Sea of Thieves
If you enjoyed Sea of Thieves events like The Hungering Deep, you'll be happy to know that there are three more major updates coming this year The news comes to us from Rare's studio head Craig Duncan and design director Mike Chapman, who did an interview with IGN this week The pair confirmed that before the end[...]
Sea of Thieves Just Added a Banjo Kazooie Ship Cosmetic
This week, Sea of Thieves added a brand new patch to the game that will take you back to the golden age of the N64 with a Banjo Kazooie addition Patch 1.1.5 took care of a number of issues, including fixing some tech issues and banning people who were cheating, but also added this lovely figurehead[...]
Toynk Toys SDCC Exclusives Collage
Like games? Cuphead, Fallout, Sea of Thieves are all here Marvel fan? Pins and Tikis from Black Panther, Infinity War, and more Aquaman trailer got you pumped? Check out their trident pin Even Bob Ross and Mr Rogers have collectibles there Rick and Morty fans collect the enamel pins like mad, and they have one[...]
The Megalodon Shark is Now Terrorizing Sea of Thieves Players
Sea of Thieves first (free) content expansion The Hungering Deep has arrived today and brought with it a massive new AI enemy that will be terrorizing players sailing around the game map Yes, the dreaded Megalodon Shark is now around to come by and swallow your ship whole if you aren't careful The shark is a[...]
Sea Of Thieves Shows Off Their First DLC in "The Hungering Deep"
If you've been bored with Sea Of Thieves lately, like we've been seeing from Twitch streamers the past couple weeks as multiple people are now Pirate Legends, you're about to get some new DLC that will change up the game moving forward Rare released details and a new trailer for "The Hungering Deep", which is[...]
Sea Of Thieves
Finally, after weeks of begging and plenty of trolls making it impossible to get some stuff done, Rare has added a new patch into Sea of Thieves today that will allow you to have private matches in what they called "Closed Crews" We have the details for you below along with a brand-new Developer Update[...]
Sea of Thieves is Adding Private Crews in Next Update
credit//Rare Sea of Thieves is getting an update next week which brings with it the option for Private Crews, which many players have been eagerly awaiting. Sea of Thieves' Executive Producer Joe Neate detailed the upcoming patch, and teased coming details on The Hungering Deep, in the May 10 Developer Update video below However the essentials are pretty[...]