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Marvel's Season One, Dressed To Kill In Disney Stores?
This is the "dress" for the new Season One original graphic novels from Marvel for 2012 tht have nothing whatsover to do with DC's Earth One line of original graphic novels, honest. And why the change in heart over commissioning original graphic novels? It couldn't be that Disney have been publishing a number of rater dull[...]
Preview: Jamie McKelvie's X-Men Season One
And if he's in the pub tomorrow night, I may well be offering to buy him a drink based on this preview of X-Men: Season One, the OGN that you'll be finding across Disney's distribution platforms next year… Sweet. I do like Jamie McKelvie's art I also like Jamie McKelvie And if he's in the pub[...]
A Low Res Look At Marvel Season One Original Graphic Novels
Marvel gave CBR some rather nice images from the upcoming Fantastic Four Season One OGN hardcover by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and David Marquez. Sadly, Bleeding Cool doesn't get things like that But that's okay, here are some more pages that weren't included in that In very low res Sorry. Even this Jamie McKelvie art from Fantastic Four Season[...]
Marvel's Creative Line Up For Season One Original Graphic Novels
But also the success of the Earth One Superman original graphic novel for DC, still in the charts. Either way, The Earth Season One graphic novels have had their full creative lineup revealed The classic origin stories of the characters, retold by modern creators with an eye to new readers And all in continuity… Fantastic Four: Season[...]