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Behind The Scenes Of Robot Chicken's DC Special 3
Jason Inman of DC All-Access talks with the folks behind the Robot Chicken DC Special 3 including Geoff Johns, Seth Green, Tom Root, Burt Ward, Tom Sheppard and Matthew Senreich This time they are focusing on the multiverse, doing their version of Crisis and we get to meet… Pez Luthor. Robot Chicken DC Comics Special 3: Magical Friendship[...]
NYCC '15: The Robot Chicken Season 8 Party
Seth Green and Breckin Meyer came out and introduced the DC Comics Special 3: Magical Friendship, but not before thanking Adult Swim and KFC for hosting the party They aired the Special with the KFC/Robot Chicken adventure running as bookends to the show When the episode finished people went back to bowling and dancing. On our[...]
NYCC: Robot Chicken And Their New Holiday Special
Rich Epstein writes for Bleeding Cool: It was Robot Chicken day at NYCC, with series creators Seth Green and Matt Senrich being joined by Breckin Meyer, Macauly Culkin, and Claire Grant. The panel opened with a clip from the new season, which the audience loved.  There were some really good jokes at the expense of the four[...]
Arsenic Lullaby Gets TV Adaptation For Comedy Central – On Wednesday Night
 Seth Green and Matthew Senreich developed the show which  features a collection of recurring animated shorts built into a half-hour block. The plots from Adam McKay, Tom Gammill and Jon Glaser range from a magical alcoholic wheelchair helping sick children to a group of aliens studying the world's most average guy. But this week, with May 14th's episode, begins to adapt stories from Douglas Paszkiewicz's[...]
Late Night Fun – The Nerdist Returns With More Lightsaber Duels
The Nerdist, the website founded by Talking Dead and @Midnight host Chris Hardwick continues to let their geek flag fly with the help of Seth Green and his wife Clare Grant Joining her in battle are Rileah Vanderbilt and Alison Haislip. They posted the third installment of Star Wars Lightsaber Duels, this one called Revenge Of[...]
Robot Chicken's DC Comics Special Coming To [adult swim]
Zack Parks writes for Bleeding Cool. After messing with Star Wars fanboys for three very well-received specials (including one with franchise creator George Lucas), Robot Chicken has set its sights on the DC Universe. Seth Green, series c0-creator, will play the voices of Batman, Robin and Aquaman. Paul Reubens, will play The Riddler  – the Frank Gorshin iteration[...]
Cosplaying With Seth Green – Chris Troy's NYCC
From there, a photo-shoot (Yes, not only am I a nerd who cosplays, but I'm one who demands pretty photos of himself with said costumes) with photographer Michael Fong and some friends, which lead to a brief and delightful run-in with Robot Chicken's Seth Green We obviously got a picture with him before he ran[...]