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Video: You've Seen Sharknado, Now Prepare Yourself For Ghost Shark
Sharknado appeared to be something of a runaway success in terms of online chatter when it premiered on SyFy last week And SyFy have another shark based B-movie just round the corner, which they're presumably hoping will capitalise on the buzz surrounding Sharknado. Ghost Shark is directed by Griff Furst and stars Mackenzie Rosman, Dave Randolph-Mayhem[...]
Friday Trending Topics: A Tornado Made Out Of Sharks
Admittedly, there's not much out there yet, just single issues of A+X, Marvel Now Point One, Red She-Hulk and an Uncanny Avengers, and stack of books bunching into the next couple of weeks. Paul Ryan And His Anti-Comic Book Gaffe Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan was attacking President Obama in Virginia yesterday, for not having an[...]
Sharknado: The Tornado Made Out Of Sharks
You can tell that The Asylum have reached the proudest moment in their history when the tagline for their new film is simply, "Enough said!" One of their projects being presented at the American Film Market this week is high-concept monster/disaster movie called Sharknado Based on the artwork below it would seem that the Sharknado is a[...]