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Winter Soldier #1 Review: Bucky's Got a Brand New (Boring) Bag
It's grounded sure, but up until the very end I'm afraid that (to me at least) it all comes across as deathly dull. Bucky (aided by Captain America's erstwhile love interest Sharon Carter) has set up a system to help whistleblowers – giving them the opportunity to enter a kind of witness relocation program he manages[...]
Captain America #3 cover by Alex Ross
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Sharon Carter is on a mysterious ride with men claiming to work for Thunderbolt Ross Things take a turn when she discovers the truth Meanwhile, Captain America investigates the town where the Nuke soldiers are being created It was a once-impoverished town revitalized by Hydra, and Zeke Stane is now creating a Nuke army[...]
Captain America #2 cover by Alex Ross
Later, Steve confides in Sharon Carter. Captain America #2 cover by Alex Ross Ta-Nehisi Coates continues to show that he is very well-suited for the role of Captain America writer He is fantastic at focusing on the interiority of Steve Rogers while the story still transpires in a coherent fashion. The conflict with the Nukes and Thunderbolt Ross[...]
infamous Iron Man
director Sharon Carter called in Doctor Strange to take a look at him, and the Sorcerer Supreme takes a crack at getting into Doom's psyche to see what's going on. Holy shit, the quips and one-liners There are so many, and they're so bad. Stephen Strange recites the AutoZone jingle, and I feel like that says all[...]
Emily VanCamp Says Sharon Carter Won't Be In 'Avengers: Infinity War'
One of those names is Sharon Carter played by Emily VanCamp Deadline recently caught up to VanCamp and asked her whether or not she would appear in Infinity War point blank. But in regards to whether VanCamp will reprise again in Infinity War or a future TV series, VanCamp said, "No idea." How about the Brie[...]