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Comic Shops Without Their Comics
Not everyone is as lucky as Midtown Comics in Times Square. One store in Pennsylvania that closed earlier this week due to the Hurricane but opened on
Will DC Comics Drop Their UK Print Prices To Match Digital?
In the UK, there's no real thing as a fixed price for an American comic book. Diamond UK sell comics to shops depending on the discount they qualify for and shops price accordingly, but unlike the US where you'll pay cover price plus tax, there's no cover price for the UK And of course the shipping[...]
A Walk Around The Changing Comic Shops Of London
It is also surrounded on one side by a street market, and on the other by sex shops, sex shows, and clip joints. So unlike its previous location, this isn't the most family friendly of places to put up a comic shop Though it is very handy for mangos, punnets of strawberries and dildos. But at least[...]
Rory Root, Comic Relief And How The Comics Industry Works
First they consolidated by selling the smaller store in the suburbs to pay back bills and keeping the much loved Melrose shop going. In return, the industry collectively gave them a crash course in being Golden Apple: what to order, how to order, how to interpret numbers, when best to hold events, consignments — everything they[...]