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EXCLUSIVE: The Trailer For Alan Moore And Mitch Jenkins' His Heavy Heart
It's the final, Kickstarter-funded, film in Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins' series of short films, collectively known as Show Pieces, that will lead to further appearances of this alternate Northampton, known as The Show. Here is your first look at His Heavy Heart, starring Darrel D'Silva, Andrew Buckley and Khandie Khisses, for the readers of Bleeding Cool[...]
Alan Moore Talks About His Heavy Heart On Video – With Show Pieces Now For Sale
Nicely times to coincide with the release of the box set of Show Pieces, the first five short films written and co-starring Moore and directed by Mitch Jenkins, that begin The Show. The collection cost £35 or £50 signed (limited to 200)  for the limited edition box set, comprising Five short films: 90 minutes of films on DVD (region[...]