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Ex-Fuller House Showrunner Jeff Franklin Issues Statement
Credit: Eugene Powers / Ex-Fuller House showrunner Jeff Franklin took to Instagram for his first official statement following his removal by Netflix and Warner Bros TV Franklin was removed from the show he helped create following multiple allegations of abusive and inappropriate behavior Franklin chose to not address or even acknowledge the allegations in his post,[...]
Fuller House: Jeff Franklin out as Showrunner over Behavior Complaints
Credit: Eugene Powers / As a result of numerous complaints accusing the showrunner of being verbally abusive and making inappropriate statements in both the writers' room and the show's set, Netflix and Warner Bros TV have decided to not renew their overall production deal with Fuller House's Jeff Franklin In statements from Warner Bros[...]
American Gods Season 2: Neil Gaiman Denies Article Allegations
***UPDATE*** A day after it was reported exclusively by The Hollywood Reporter that Jesse Alexander would be assuming showrunner responsibilities alongside author and executive producer Neil Gaiman on Starz's  American Gods, the novelist took to Twitter to challenge a number of the assertions made in the article regrading behind-the-scenes budget and script battles[...]
American Gods: Jesse Alexander New Showrunner; Season 2 in 2019
Credit: NBC After a contentious few months that saw Bryan Fuller and Michael Green leaving the series over presumed budget issues with production company Fremantle, The Hollywood Reporter is reporting exclusively that Hannibal's Jesse Alexander will be assuming showrunner responsibilities alongside author and executive producer Neil Gaiman on Starz's American Gods Aside from Hannibal, Alexander has[...]
Frank Darabont
Credit: Tinseltown / Frank Darabont's $280 million lawsuit against AMC is not the only one the network will face from The Walking Dead ex-showrunner Darabont and his agency CAA have filed a new, $10 million lawsuit against the cable network, claiming that new information has come to light that proves he is owed additional monies on top of[...]
***UPDATE*** Well, it looks like somebody's people talked to somebody's people about getting somebody's people to take down some not-so-friendly Facebook posts re: the showrunner of The Walking Dead and some "casting decisions" they made in last night's mid-season finale, 'How It's Gotta Be.' It'll all make sense after you read the original post, but[...]
Presidential Election (and I wish I was joking about that one). Hulkamania Triumphant as WrestleMania 3 Venue Survives Attempted Demolition can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: TWS17 SILVER ( Neil Gaiman's Present to Us All on Christmas Day – A BBC Adaptation of Anansi Boys can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: TWS17 ANANSI ( Steven Moffat: Doctor Who[...]
Bryan Fuller, Michael Green And Their 'Temple Of The (American) Gods'
Even with Starz's American Gods wrapping-up its highly-watched  and critically-acclaimed first season only a few weeks ago and Emmy buzz around the series continuing to grow, co-creators and showrunners Bryan Fuller and Michael Green are already at work on the show's ten-episode second season (expected to premiere in mid-2018) But even in the midst of[...]
Gerard Way To Be 'Showrunner' For DC Vertigo Titles, Will Announce At ECCC
Bleeding Cool had previously reported that My Chemical Romance's Gerard Way and Becky Cloonan's take on Doom Patrol, previously on hold, may be revived for DC Vertigo later this year. Well, I've been told from a musical contact that Gerard Way is being tapped by DC Vertigo into a kind of showrunner/curator position at the comic book publisher[...]
Anthony Horowitz Responds To Philip Morris Over Doctor Who Showrunner Rumours
Yesterday, as part of a series of Facebook posts in which Doctor Who Missing Episode recoverer Philip Morris talked trash about Steven Moffat's run on the show, Morris reported what he claimed were well sourced rumours regarding Moffat's replacement on Doctor Who as showrunner, namely Anthony Horowitz. He then tweeted the rumour to UK journalists on[...]