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Legendary Comics Goes Monthly Through Marvel With The Tower Chronicles
It gets them into a prominent place in Previews and the retailer order forms, but it may not be the best place for original graphic novels to be seen. Well, from April, their ongoing series of original graphic novels, The Tower Chronicles, the story of John Tower, supernatural bounty hunter by Matt Wagner and Simon Bisley,[...]
Long Rumored Simon Bisley Series Comes Out Digitally
Fans of Simon Bisley have been waiting for a long time for his 13 Coins project Once scheduled to be a graphic novel back in October of 2010, it is now being released as a six-part series by Corinthian Productions as a digital download this October at New York Comic-con. The series is still being written by Martin[...]
Cammy's Covers – From Avengers Arena to The Unwritten
If I was in the same situation, I'd probably belt out a line like "Just checked my watch and the time is tooth-hurty!"       Hellblazer #298 by Simon Bisley I didn't realize the truth campaign is targeting comics now! This has to be their most powerful ad yet! All kidding aside, I absolutely adore the texture of the[...]
Simon Bisley Was Not Killed In A Hit And Run Incident On BBC One Tonight
Can you notice a common theme between the following names? Simon Bisley, Greg Rucka, Dillon, Hitch, Ellis, Finch… here's a clip. "Simon Bisley was killed in a hit and run incident"… really weird to hear. Writer Simpson tweeted; Wow, people seem to have enjoyed #newtricks tonight I thought casting half of Twitter in it would help. For those asking, Simon[...]
Preview: The Second of the Four Horseman Of The Apocalypse: The Chosen
Out next week is the second of the Four Horsemen Of The Apocalypse book, The Chosen, painted by Simon Bisley Here's a first look… [issuu width=550 height=421 backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=120811080708-2afe66838d13432387f5a036b8401467 name=4h_book2_the_chosen_preview2 username=richjohnston tag=bleedingcool unit=px v=2] Adam Cahill has been sent to Hell where he must find three lost souls – a drug addict, a killer, and a corrupt[...]
Heavy Metal Launches Five Digital Comics – With Previews
Why not take a peek? Kevin Eastman and Simon Bisley's Melting Pot. [issuu width=420 height=263 backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=120806222424-edf494a1a0864d1a9bde5187b20be85c name=meltingpotsample username=richjohnston tag=bleedingcool unit=px v=2] Kevin Eastman, Eric Talbot, Tom Skulan and Simon Bisley's Roninbebop. [issuu width=420 height=317 backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=120806222308-c3ed9512ebc84da794310bc1d17bfce6 name=roninbebop_sample username=richjohnston tag=10%20preview unit=px v=2] Kevin Eastman and Mark Martin's Underwhere. [issuu width=420 height=285 backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=120806222200-f0840ef686f145649af286163b963d14 name=underwhere_sample username=richjohnston tag=bleedingcool unit=px v=2] And Stefano Cardoselli's Dark Pandemonium[...]
Mark Millar Goes To War – Secret Origins By Steve Cook
Here are a few of our favourites. Simon Bisley, when he looked like he was in Duran Duran rather than Motorhead. Mark Millar working on that all-elusive third issue of War Heroes. No that's not a wig Grant Morrison from the days of the combover, talking with Simon Harrison… …who clearly made him finally saw sense. And Rian Hughes takes[...]
The Art Of Painted Comics From Dynamite – From Adams To Vess…
Dynamite Entertainment is publishing The Art of Painted Comics hardcover in October, featuring painted comic book work by the likes of  Alex Ross, Greg Hildebrandt, Frank Frazetta, Joe Jusko, Michael William Kaluta, Bill Sienkiewicz, Neal Adams, Julie Bell, Joseph Michael Linsner, Glen Orbik, Simon Bisley, Dave Dorman, Phil Noto, Greg Horn, Brian Bolland, Ashley Wood,[...]
Tripwire: The Bisley Morrison Tapes From 1994
And here, in celebration of Grant Morrison being awarded the MBE is a transcript of a conversation between Morrison and Simon Bisley from 1994… [issuu width=420 height=297 printButtonEnabled=false backgroundColor=%23222222 documentId=120616165047-77d8f2b58ba64b3e8f0f90994d1e50eb name=bisley_morrison_tapes_pt1_tripwire_feb1994 username=richjohnston tag=1994 unit=px v=2] Before there was Bleeding Cool Magazine, there was Tripwire[...]
Friday Runaround – Those Damn, Dirty Polar Bears
:) PolarWatch: From Tom Brevoort's Formspring page; FYI, there are no polar bears in Antarctica. As Jonathan says in his AR video in AVX #4, there are Polar Bears in Antarctica in the Marvel Universe–Jonathan knows, because he put them there. There is no Jonathan Hickman AR video in AVX #4. BisleyWatch: Simon Bisley is returning to Judge Dredd, drawing[...]
Simon Bisley, Matt Wagner And Jim Lee Are Legendary In September
Written by Matt Wagner (Grendel, Mage) with artwork by Simon Bisley (!) and developed by Thomas Tull (Producer of 300 and Dark Knight), The Tower Chronicles marks Legendary's first original IP. "It's basically the story of a supernatural bounty hunter who has a very small and very wealthy client base He's a specialist in his field[...]