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Interview Show It's A Draw With Natalie Kim Debuts – Featuring Simon Fraser
It's A Draw will be releasing new episodes on Youtube and the Frederator Network on Tuesdays and Thursdays, but it's Tuesdays that will capture the interest of comics folk particularly, since Natalie Kim will be sitting down with comic artists to talk and draw with them, and who knows what craziness might ensue? In Natalie Kim's[...]
Comics Pyrotechnics – Alex de Campi's Smoke and Ashes Are Together At Last
Dark Horse have braced us for the impact by warning that it'll be available "everywhere it's not outlawed", and looking at the artistic team on the book, including Simon Fraser, Gary Erskine, Frederica Manfredi, and Francesco Francavilla, it seems like fair warning. Smoke features special forces officer turned assassin Rupert Cain and newbie journalist Katie Shah[...]