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10 BRAND NEW 'Captain Marvel' Character Posters, Including Goose!
Director Nick Fury Jude Law as Kree Starforce Captain [we're still not sure if MarVell or Yon Rogg or BOTH] Gemma Chan as Kree Starforce member Minn-Erva Lashana Lynch as Air Force pilot Captain Maria Rambeau Annette Bening in the still undisclosed Kree Scientist role Oh Captain, Our Captain- Brie Larson as Captain Carol Danvers, aka Captain Marvel Our scenery-chewing buddy[...]
'Captain Marvel' Skrulls by Way of Snoop Dogg: Ben Mendelsohn Explains
The Aussie really sinks his teeth into whatever role he's playing- and we cannot WAIT to see what he does as a Skrull named Talos in the upcoming Marvel Studios' film Captain Marvel. Ben Mendelsohn during the "Ready Player One" panel at WonderCon 2018Photo by Bill Watters Even more so after Mendelsohn quoted Snoop Dogg to describe the Skrulls[...]
Goose Gets His Own 'Captain Marvel' Poster
Like this set of 4 from Trends International; two of Captain Carol Danvers (played in the film by Oscar winning actress Brie Larson), one of the Skrull commander Talos (played by Ben Mendelsohn), and one of perhaps the biggest hero of them all, Carol's cat Goose. In the comics, Captain Marvel's cat's name is Chewy (yes, after Chewbacca),[...]
Are We Getting A New Kree-Skrull War In The Marvel Universe (SPOILERS UPDATE)
And you know the Kree's greatest enemies? The Skrulls And coincidentally, they are all over the place this week… So this is who the Skrulls are in the cosmically refreshed Marvel Universe They are basically Russian gangsters Invading (ish) in New Avengers… The easy get out scapegoat for lazy editorial types in Silk…. And being the final page reveal[...]
When Jessica Drew Threw Up In The Bathroom And Tom Brevoort Forgot
So my expectation is that the Jessica in the World of M was genuine, and not Veranke. Veranke was indeed the Skrull posing as Jessica Drew before Secret Invasion revealed her And yes, this might affect previous stories such as the reality shifting House Of M. But it seems this issue had already been addressed by Brian Bendis[...]