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Skullkickers Reveals The Secret Of The Gun
There is only one gun in the world of Skullkickers, by Jim Zubkavich and Edwin Huang from Image Comics But how did it get there, into this fantasy world? Next week's issue tells all… here are a few teasers to help you on your way. There is only one gun in the world of[...]
Avengelyne And Skullkickers Give It Away For Free
Amazon sales have gone up, as has their ComiXology traffic.   And now Jim Zub is doing the same with his Skullkickers work, serialising old issues, a page a day, for free online He tells Bleeding Cool; Our Skullkickers back issues are almost all sold out Torrents of our issues are always running out of control[...]
Russian Scanlations Of American Comics Show Real Design Sense
Recently, Bleeding Cool featured a letter from a Russian comic book pirate, requesting unlettered art files from Skullkickers creator Jim Zubavich, so that he could create Russian language translation illegal copies of the Skullkickers comic. So how widespread is this sort of thing? And how valuable would unlettered files be in such a context? Well this[...]
The Fantasy Teaming Of Munchkin And Skullkickers
Skullkickers was a major fantasy comic book launch by Jim Zubkavich and Edwin Huangfrom Image last year that Bleeding Cool played a small part in popularising. Munchkin is a major fantasy card game with a game Munchkin Skullkickers will launch next year, as the lead characters fight their way through the World Of Munchkin. It might get a[...]
Skullkickers Solicitations Go Rather Odd In August
The solicitations in Diamond's Previews for issue nine of Image's Skullkickers were playful, offering "In this issue: More of the same! What? The same!" as the fantasy comedy continues its path of sword'n'sorcery'n'saucery. But I'be just come across an advance look at the solicitation for August And it has reached new levels of oddness. "This issue has[...]