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Green Arrow #26 Review: The Emerald Archer And The Fastest Man Alive
[rwp-review-recap id="0"] With the discovery that the Ninth Circle is attempting to spread its operations across the nation and around the globe after the establishment of Star City, Green Arrow has decided to go on a road trip across the nation to stop their schemes wherever he finds them. Meanwhile, Black Canary, Emiko (the Red Arrow), and[...]
Green Arrow #24 Review- The Emerald Archer Goes To Extremes To Save His City
I can't say that this book has the grace or subtly of say Black Panther and the Crew or much of Sam Wilson: Captain America, but the fact that it has something to say should not be counted as a negative. Regardless, this book has been quite well-written since Percy's arrival, and it definitely has more[...]
For four seasons, the finale of Arrow has placed Starling City / Star City in danger Malcolm Merlyn tried to shake things up, Slade Wilson ran his own personal purge, Ra's al Ghul cast a shadow across the city and of course Damien Darhk tried to nuke the place I think everyone in the city[...]
This article talks about a certain character coming to Star City on Arrow, and may be considered spoiler-ish… . . . . . Since she appeared in the flashbacks, two major questions have popped up concerning Talia al Ghul (Lexa Doig) First of course is when and if we'll see her in the modern day It's been rumored that Talia will[...]
Five Thoughts For Season 5 Of Arrow
In four seasons we've had four villains that have wanted to destroy Star City for various reasons This year's baddie not only needs to be different but his plan needs to have a different focus And bring in new villains like Onomatopoeia or bring back Bronze Tiger and Clock King And not just for single[...]
Starling City Re-Branding Begins
Besides Oliver Queen taking on the moniker of Green Arrow in season 4, the Ray Palmer proposed name change of Starling City to Star City seems to be taking effect as well Here in a photo tweeted by Paul Blackthorne of Quentin Lance holding out his badge with John Diggle (David Ramsey) behind him… we[...]