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Fantasy Flight Games Teases a Vader Worthy of Celebration
Star Wars Celebration is coming to Chicago this April 11th–15th, and if you didn't have a good enough reason to crash the party, Fantasy Flight Games might have come up with one: Sure, you probably already have a Darth Vader for your Star Wars: Legion collection, but I guarantee you don't have a Vader miniature this cool: //Credit:[...]
Review: Rebel Pathfinders Unit Expansion for Star Wars: Legion
Fantasy Flight Games continues this month's reinforcements for Rebels with the Rebel Pathfinders Unit Expansion for Star Wars: Legion, which not only adds excellent support troops to the game, it brings this guy to the table with his first ever miniature: //Credit: Yeah, Pao! Kick some bucket-head butt! The Rebel Pathfinders Unit Expansion contains 6 plastic miniatures,[...]
Review: Jyn Erso Expansion for Star Wars: Legion Adds Interesting Dynamics
Rebel players have a lot to celebrate this week, with Fantasy Flight Games releasing two new expansions for Star Wars: Legion Let's get the first package opened up, and take a look at what the Jyn Erso Commander Expansion brings to the table! Contents wise, you get one plastic Jyn Erso miniature and base, Jyn's stat[...]
Fantasy Flight Expands Thematic Terrain Objectives for Star Wars: Legion
Fantasy FlightGames continues to knock upcoming releases out of the park for Star Wars: Legion, with news from the latest release update making us as giddy as an Ewok at a stormtrooper buffet! Credit:// Fantasy Flight Games The Imperial All Terrain Scout Transport is a formidable war machine, cutting through Rebel lines as it stomps across the[...]
Sabine and Bossk Blast Their Way into Star Wars: Legion
The Galaxy of Fantasy Flight Games' Star Wars: Legion just got a lot deadlier, with the announcement of the Sabine Wren and Bossk expansion sets: credit// Fantasy Flight Games Both of the new characters can be fielded as Operatives in Legion, like Boba Fett and Chewbacca before them Sabine is the perfect counter to Fett, too, with[...]
Review: Breaking Down the Rebel Specialists Expansion for Star Wars: Legion
Fantasy Flight Games just released a pair of great expansions for Star Wars: Legion, expanding the command options for both Rebel and Empire players We got our hands on both specialists sets, and we'll get started by taking a look at the Rebel Specialists Personnel Expansion set: The Rebel Specialists Personnel Expansion includes four unique miniatures,[...]
Rebel Rebel: Spotlight on Jyn Erso Expansion for Star Wars: Legion
Fantasy Flight Games continues to build out options for their exceptionally fun Star Wars: Legion, and Jyn Erso, the reluctant hero of Rogue One, is about to hit stores (and game tables) in a big way.   //Credit: Fantasy Flight Games The last few releases for Legion have been a lot of fun, with Rebel and Imperial Specialists[...]
New Transports Incoming for Star Wars: Legion
Star Wars: Legion players looking for something new to reinforce their troops are about to get two shiny new options from Fantasy Flight Games. Imperial players will be getting that spiffy tank from Rogue One, while Rebels get some sleek new backup with the all-new X-34 Landspeeder Let's start out with that tank! Credit// Fantasy Flight Games Few[...]
Wookiee Reinforcements for Star Wars: Legion Pack a Lot of Punch
Fantasy Flight Games' Star Wars: Legion game is starting to ratchet up to its full potential, as evidenced by the recently released Wookiee Warriors unit expansion These furry powerhouses are also unique in that they are the first figures for Legion that Fantasy Flight has released that did not feature in a Star Wars movie. Within the Wookiee[...]
Director Krennic Set to Reinforce Empire Players for Star Wars: Legion
Director Orson Krennic, diabolical weapon designer and would-be despot, is heading to Star Wars: Legion tables… and he's bringing reinforcements with a squad of sinister Death Troopers! Coming soon from Fantasy Flight Games, Director Krennic will be available for Empire players as a new command option for their armies: The Director Orson Krennic Commander Expansion includes one finely detailed,[...]
INCOMING! Star Wars: Legion Getting 'Rogue One' Reinforcements
Fantasy Flight Games released Star Wars: Legion early in the second quarter, and while the game is fun to play, I personally found that there was something a little off about it; for a game with a lot of front-line troops to deploy, every game I played came down to Darth Vader facing off against[...]
New 'Star Wars: Legion' Miniatures Game Being Made By Fantasy Flight
Fantasy Flight got Gen Con 50 started off the right way as this afternoon they announced a new line of Star Wars miniatures in a brand new game called Star Wars: Legion These figures look absolutely fantastic below as you're seeing a full complement of rebel fighters and Stormtroopers fighting on Tatooine with Darth Vader[...]