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"Holey Moley" is the Citizen Kane of Dumb Game Shows
Last week, it was Kenny G. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Kenny G's Distraction – Holey Moley ( Caddysmack allows players to choose between host Stephen Curry or a robot for help: can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Caddysmack – Holey Moley ( Tee'd Off has contestant making waves: can't be loaded because JavaScript[...]
"Holey Moley" Debuts Thursday. Are You Ready?
Mark my words. Everything you need to know about Holey Moley is laid out for you during the opening, where host and executive producer Stephen Curry explains what his purpose is, then we're off to dash through the Golfstacle course. //Credit: ABC I had hoped, after I saw my first promo for Holey Moley, that the show would[...]
'Holey Moley' is Going to Be the Sleeper Hit of Summer!
Please, in the name of our most sacred The Masked Singer, please let Holey Moley be as insipid as it possibly can be. //Credit: ABC Second, I need the words "Holey Moley" be uttered at least once ever four minutes, because I have a drinking game that is dependent on exactly that. Stephen Curry is the face behind[...]
'Holey Moley' is Going to Be the Sleeper Hit of Summer!
It's going to be the most incredibly dumb, electrifying, and compelling thing ever broadcast. //Credit: ABC Holey Moley will bring about the End of Days. Holey Moley will bring peace to the Middle East. Holey Moley will balance the budget and fix the US health care system. Okay, maybe it won't do all of those things, but it will spawn[...]
Carolina Panthers
He was in a group that included rapper Sean 'Diddy' Combs and NBA star Stephen Curry It's said that Rubin is still interested in the team if the prices is right, but he isn't willing to bid that much. Forbes valued the team at $2.3 billion while the record highest price for a professional sports franchise[...]
Oklahoma City Thunder Ok After Plane Hits…Something
Some of the more humorous suggestions were Michael Jordan dunking, a Stephen Curry jump shot, or a Kevin Durant's tears Some even suggested that the egos of Westbrook and Anthony are such a strong force that they sucked the front of the plane backwards from inside the cabin. The way the Thunder have been giving up[...]
NBA Kickoff: When The Outcome Seems The Same, Why Watch?
The foursome of Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, Kevin Durant, and Klay Thompson will make the Finals every year they play together The Thunder pose a big threat, as will the Rockets But they can overwhelm anyone Look for them to beat a game Thunder team to take on the Cavs in June. So if that is[...]
2018 NBA All-Star Game Logo
Each All-Star Game coach will lead the team that includes the captain from the same conference. It is a pretty great idea, although as long as they are in separate conferences look for LeBron James and Stephen Curry to be the captains for a long time But we will see teammates playing each other, players throwing[...]