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Enter The Pinball: Metallica Pinball
Stern's Metallica is a beast of a different nature though The game is a ton of fun with a number of toys and kickbacks on the playfield I have the Metallica Premium Monsters Edition in my collection, which is slightly better than the pro The snake popper and coffin ball hold are two of my[...]
Wild Horses: Ford Mustang Pinball
In 2014 Stern released the Mustang pinball machine to celebrate 50 years of the Ford Mustang I think they were hoping more Ford dealerships would buy machines to have in their showroom, but truth to be told I've only seen these in personal collections The game is admittedly fun though I like that is has[...]
Back In Black: AC/DC Pinball
So when Stern announced an AC/DC pinball machine, my dad went bananas There's a few versions of this machine There is a pro edition (which is meh), and then there are three limited edition versions (all of which are awesome), and then there's the Luci edition If you're gonna get an AC/DC, get a Luci[...]
Megatron In Ball Form – Transformers Pinball
That being said, this is a wildly enjoyable game from Stern There's a number of these floating around in the world, as Stern created a number of different versions of this specific game There's a pro, three different limited edition ones, and then one that was marketed as a "home use only" and was extremely[...]
The Web Slinging Pinball Kid: Spider-Man Pinball
If you get the chance to play it I highly recommend it. Then in 2007, Stern released their own Spider-Man machine based on the Tobey McGuire films Designed by pinball great Steve Ritchie, the play field is beautiful. There are a number of games to play within the pinball, mostly revolving around defeating various Spider-Man villains[...]