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Rolling The Bat Cave Stone Away…
I did a cameo as Miracle Max and if you are watching on television this Easter Sunday you will catch at least a snippet of my performance doing the memorable "he's only mostly dead" scene One year I did my best impression of Michael Jackson in Robin of the Hood. This year we are pulling out[...]
The Baltimore Comic Con DC Panel That Wasn't
Follow him at @JoshuaLazarus It was Sunday at the Baltimore Comic Con, and even the awful weather couldn't keep thousands of fans away from the Baltimore Convention Center. Sunday has long been the day of the convention where Marvel and DC host their more open, discussion-based panels This year, due to Marvel's absence, the attention was all[...]
San Diego Sunday Programming Strikes Back!
The final day of San Diego programming, for Sunday, has been released And here comes the comics And now we can count how many panels, events and signing Stan Lee will be doing, finding ways to split yourself into multiple bodies to attend multiple panels and at which points you should make opportune trips to[...]