tales of honor

Top Cow Covers It – Part Two

Here is the second part of the Top Cow covers we got this weekend. This time we get to see some form Tales Of Honor, Witchblade and the new series Wildfire. The Marc Silvestri and Michael Turner covers are for upcoming Witchblade trades.

Grilled By The RCN – Matt Hawkins Talks Tales Of Honor

When a series of novels have been around for twenty plus years, you know they have to have a strong fan base. So when I heard that David Weber's Honor Harrington books were being adapted by Top Cow I had a feeling I'd be asked to work up an interview for the site. But I've […]

David Weber's Honor Harrington Comes To Top Cow And We Have A Preview

David Weber's New York Times Bestselling sci-fi novel series Honor Harrington is being spread across all media platforms with an upcoming feature film and video game… but first it hits the comic shelves next week with the new series Tales Of Honor by Matt Hawkins (Think Tank, Aphrodite IX) and Jung-Geun Yoon (Artifacts, Deathmatch). We've […]